The purpose and function of supervision is that it is a space to be used by the supervisee to reflect on all aspects of clinical work and receive formal and informal feedback on that work. This includes help identifying areas for continuing professional development and exploring ethical considerations where the welfare of the client is concerned. Supervision is an essential element to the practice of counselling and psychotherapy. It is also incredibly helpful for anyone working in a caring profession. 


BACP Guidelines for Supervision

The BACP requires all student, registered and accredited members to receive regular clinical supervision for counselling and psychotherapy work. Below is a table with the recommended amount and frequency of supervision. 



Minimum 1.5 hours pcm-8hrs counselling to 1 hour supervision every 2 weeks

Individual Registered

Minimum 1.5 hours pcm


Minimum 1.5 hours pcm

for more information please visit www.bacp.co.uk/membership/supervsion

I offer a free one-hour consultation to provide you with the opportunity to decide if you would be comfortable working with me. During this appointment I will explain aspects of supervision and ask you questions about what you wish to achieve through attending supervision and the requirements of your organisation. At the end of the session we will make a decision about how we would like to proceed.